Jarred Pyle- CEO

Jarred is the CEO of Pyle Construction. His diverse background started in real estate sales while studying finance at Texas State University. After leaving Texas State he transitioned into the financial industry, and eventually settled in the commercial construction. This accumulated experience has provided him the necessary tools to run a construction & development company. Jarred believes no one client is the same, and no one client has a singular need. Applying a holistic approach to every client will provide sustainability for decades to come and ensure his primary mission for the company will be seen through.

Ernie Pyle –
Lead Engineer

Ernie is an experienced engineer with a wide understanding of the key aspects of all engineering disciplines. He has over 40 years of experience as an electrical & mechanical engineer which qualifies him to lead the design of any size project. His extensive experience provides him with the understanding of the client’s process and enables him to solve complex engineering problems. Ernie prides himself on the detailed orientation of his work and will always go above & beyond for every client.

Aaron Kelly -
Field Engineer

Aaron joined Pyle Construction in 2020 after working for 6 years at construction power houses Harvey Builders, and Kiewit Corporation. Aaron holds a degree from Texas A&M University in construction science which has given him the knowledge base to excel at the highest level. His work experience in both the industrial & commercial construction industries brings unmatched experience to the planning, and implementation stages of every project. He believes the success of each construction project starts with planning and ends with quality.

Christian Carroll - Project Manager

Christian “CJ” has been with Pyle Construction since it’s inception. He has played an instrumental role in the development of the company and has led almost every project to completion. He started in the construction industry right out of high school and worked his way up to a project management role at the age of 24. Most of his time was spent working for Rolls & Armstrong Construction in their commercial division. This provided him with industry leading experience and enabled him to transition into the role he has today.